Experience the Authentic Korean Favourite Snack in an Instant! Tokpokki (or tteok-bokki) is a chewy rice cake popularized in Korea. Yopokki has Five (5) different flavours to choose from.

1) Sweet & Spicy Yopokki

2) Cheese Yopokki

3) Hot & Spicy Yopokki

4) Onion Butter Yopokki

5) Jjajang Yopokki 


Easy Preparation (3-4 minutes only)

Step 1) Put the rice cakes and flavouring on the pan and add 80ml of water

Step 2) Wait until rice cakes soften and mixture to boil before turning the heat down

Step 3) Serve on a plate and add extra garnish to your liking (Cheese, bacon, etc.)


Shelf Life

Yopokki is shelf stable and only needs to be stored in room temperature. It has a shelf life of 365 days or 1 year. 


Country of Origin

Yopokki is 100% Made in South Korea.